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I’ll admit to being way behind on this one, but I just saw the 1999 film Dogma for the first time last night, 11 years after the Catholic League boycotted it, and 10 years after the controversy was completely forgotten … Continue reading

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What Is Hipster?

So you became part of the new breed. Been smoking only the best weed. Hanging out with so-called hippest set. Been seen in all the right places, Seen with just the right faces. You should be satisfied, But still it … Continue reading

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Will the Real Muslims Please Stand Up?

A great question came up in our Socrates Cafe discussion last night. (Topic: Muslimerica) The question is, does a Christian have any right to decide who the True Muslims are? Or the true Hindus? Or the true Buddhists? Do Muslims … Continue reading

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New Look, Same Old Taste

When the vision of The Core and the Front Porch were in their embryonic stages, (a glimmer in our eyes, so to speak) I was writing a lot of negative stuff about the sacrosanctity of our church service formats. “Why … Continue reading

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Jesus the Con-Artist

“Can I ask you a question?” “Sure.” “Who is Jesus to you?” “Oh, Jesus? Jesus is a womanizer. He’s a megalomaniac and a paranoiac. He’s also a brainwasher, a con-artist and a compulsive liar.” “OK… that was unexpected. How did … Continue reading

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Wiksell’s Hierarchy of Deeds

I was thinking this morning about what motivates us to do what we do. Why we make certain choices, and why we later stick them, or abandon them. As I thought about it, I realized that there is a spectrum … Continue reading

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Christianity and the Maps of War

I was thinking about Christianity as an institution; as an establishment, versus Christianity as a Spiritual Commitment, and I ran across this short video. All that blue area… how did that happen? Was it a result of the Spirit-driven success … Continue reading

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