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100% Human

Whether or not you believe it, you’ve probably heard about Jesus being fully man, and fully God. Also that he was perfect and sinless. When we imagine a man like this, I think a lot of us tend to see … Continue reading

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Ups and Downs

Whatever it is you’ve heard about the Front Porch having a Grand Opening on July 13, it’s a lie. It is now, anyway. Construction delays are becoming somewhat routine and comfortable. Now it’s at the point where maybe we subconsciously … Continue reading

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Freedom Isn’t Free…dom?

I can’t believe I’m actually going to write a post complaining about the ultra-obnoxious 1990s WWJD hysteria. But I ran across a published statement by a minister recently that brought it up again in my throat like so much, well… … Continue reading

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Law, Grace and Illegal Immigration

I really don’t think the migration debate will ever end… either in this country or any other. Some countries are debating how to control immigration (people coming in) and others are more worried about emigration (people leaving.) But I imagine … Continue reading

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I only gain my life insofar as I lose it. I am only exalted insofar as I am humbled. I am only victorious insofar as I am surrendered. I am only strong insofar as I grasp my weakness. I am … Continue reading

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Church of the Open Mic

It was our fourth time doing it, and we were starting to feel comfortable. But our monthly Open Mic Night is engineered to be unpredictable, not comfortable. And you’d have to a zen master to not wonder each month if … Continue reading

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A Domestic Foreign Culture

This morning I gave a presentation to the Women’s Missionary Union of Second Baptist Church. I chose to speak about reaching out to a post-podern generation. I called the message “A Domestic Foreign Culture” because, even though post-modernism is now … Continue reading

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