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How to be a Follower

We’re all lost. It’s just that some of us know who to follow. I remember hearing a story about a lady who got caught trying to drive through a blinding snowstorm. She didn’t want to pull off the road and … Continue reading

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And the Planets Align to Please Me…

If you genuinely like all your beliefs… if there’s not a single one that you wish were untrue… then it’s a virtual guarantee that many of them are untrue. What are the odds that the whole of reality would arrange … Continue reading

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Zadok and Zebulun

Note: This is a short story I wrote, which was published at in November 2007. I did so because that website’s readership is largely unknown to me. For a long time I was hesitant to share this with those … Continue reading

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A Tulip of Reconciliation

Good news. I’ve found a way to bring Calvinists and Arminians together in only 5 steps. (Sorry Calvinists, no mnemonic flower acrostic for you, this time.) If Calvinists can agree with #1 (and I know they will,) then they should … Continue reading

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Love Forward, Trust Backward

So many Christians havethe love of a childandthe faith of an adult. This is a problem. “Greater Love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” -Jesus, John 15:13 “Unless you change and become … Continue reading

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The "I" of the Beholder

Yesterday I was having a conversation with a friend who seems to worry, despite being a Christian, about whether he will be in heaven when he dies. I said, “You know it’s not about how much good you do, or … Continue reading

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A Real Live Preacher Questions Hell

Hell has been a big topic lately. There’s an informal group of guys that tend to talk about the scriptural idea of hell on Wednesday evenings at the FroPo. It was a message topic a few weeks ago. And now … Continue reading

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Theologisticianists, Unite!

Biology — Biologist Psychology — Psychologist Zoology — Zoologist Proctology — Butt Doctor Proctologist Sociology — Sociologist Theology — Did you say Theologist? Maybe you were tempted to, before quickly realizing that the word is, in fact, Theologian. Can you … Continue reading

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Now Taking Questions…

Last Wednesday our QAF Sessions focused on gathering questions from participants, to be used in future QAFs. Here is the list I took down. If you are plan to participate in the QAF Sessions in the near future, please add … Continue reading

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Missio Dei

Lately my conversations have been peppered largely with talk about mission… God’s mission, our mission… and the Latin phrase Missio Dei, which means “Mission of God”.I love that this phrase has become so popular, because it reminds us that, although … Continue reading

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