The End

This is the final post of The Core Blog, and I’ve written and re-written it a dozen times in my head. Sometimes it was going to be epic and unforgettable, sometimes it was going to be brief and succinct. It’s taken on so many flavors and so many moods: lofty, wistful, pedantic, narrative, critical, introspective and blunt. All in my head.

But, like so many of my projects, what was envisioned in technicolor has been realized in black and white. And if authenticity is what we’re after, it’s probably for the best.

Especially because this blog has been largely inactive over the past year or so. When it began, almost exactly six years ago, I had so much to say, and more time to say it. I crafted each paragraph, and loitered over each comment. It was a vital outlet for me, especially when The Core was in its embryonic stages, and the Front Porch was only a twinkle in the eye. It did so much to help me sharpen the vision, largely because of the participation of those who read it, and commented on it.

Since then, my diatribes have become less and less digital, and more and more tangible. Even my words, in many cases, have been replaced by experiences. Some of those experiences upheld my words, and others refuted them. And hopefully to some degree, idealism has given way to wisdom.

But here I am, at any rate, a former pastor of a former church. I suppose you could say I went down with the ship, if you wanted to be melodramatic. Because it’s not really true. Although an organization has indeed been scuttled, I am glad to say that the family lives on. Hopefully it will not only survive, but flourish in its new location, with different brothers and sisters, and different leadership.

There is a page on this blog called “About” which has now been re-written to account for the conclusion of The Core, and its new partnership with Canvas. So I’d like to wrap up this blog by repeating it below… for posterity’s sake, if you will. But before I go, let me say thanks to you for being one of the (undoubtedly few) people reading this, my final post. And take heart, because the works of God, like so many chain-smoker’s cigarettes, do not end without sparking a new beginning.

I just want to be along for the ride.


The Core Fellowship was an independent body of Christ-followers which was founded in February 2006, and met for the last time on December 4, 2011. From August 31 onward, it gathered each Sunday morning at the Front Porch, a social venue which was located at 310 South Avenue, in historic downtown Springfield, Missouri. In addition to Sunday Gatherings, The Core Fellowship hosted a wide variety of events and activities, including live concerts, open mic nights, discussion groups, rotating art exhibits, movie nights, game nights, potlucks, dance parties, fundraisers, meetings and numerous private events.

Although The Core and the Front Porch are now no longer, the body and the vision live on. This is possible thanks to an organization located directly across the street (315 South Avenue) called Canvas, which also runs a social venue, with an emphasis on visual art and theatre. As of December 11, 2011, the people of The Core will gather with Canvas for worship each Sunday morning at 10:30 am. Beginning in early 2012, many of the functions normally carried on at the Front Porch will be re-located at Canvas, including live concerts, open mic nights, a hands-on art club, and much more.

Ryan Wiksell, The Core Pastor, and Christina Wiksell, Front Porch Director, would both like to express their sincere appreciation to all the volunteers that helped this effort to launch, and to last longer than 1 day. Each and every individual made a difference, and helped to shape this community in a unique way. From the bottom of our hearts… Thank You.

About rwiksell

I am a former church-planting pastor, currently active as a wedding minister, and the leader of a spiritual discussion group at a local bar called Scotch & Soda. By day, I am the graphic designer and production manager for a historic print shop called Traders Printing, located in downtown Springfield, Missouri. My wife Christina and I have been married for 9 years now, and we live in a turn-of-the-century bungalow on the north side of Springfield with our dog Abbi, and our cat Charlie.
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