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The Infinity T-Shirt

I’d been joking for several weeks about making a shirt like this. So I finally went ahead and did it. I can make you one with your face on it if you want. Just e-mail me. Update: I had a … Continue reading

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In Defense of the Edifice Complex

One of the cleverest phrases to come out of the emerging church is right there in the title to this post: Edifice Complex. In case you’re not sure why this is clever, I’ll explain. An “Oedipus Complex” (pronounced Ed-i-pus) is … Continue reading

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A Real Live Preacher Questions Hell

Hell has been a big topic lately. There’s an informal group of guys that tend to talk about the scriptural idea of hell on Wednesday evenings at the FroPo. It was a message topic a few weeks ago. And now … Continue reading

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Theologisticianists, Unite!

Biology — Biologist Psychology — Psychologist Zoology — Zoologist Proctology — Butt Doctor Proctologist Sociology — Sociologist Theology — Did you say Theologist? Maybe you were tempted to, before quickly realizing that the word is, in fact, Theologian. Can you … Continue reading

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Worship Gatherings – Rounding out 2008

Here is a list of the discussion topics for The Core Worship Gathering through the end of 2008. The Gathering takes place at the Front Porch each Sunday morning at 10:30, with a free brunch at 10. All dates, topics … Continue reading

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Yes, Jesus Married a Prostitute

Anybody remember, a little over a year ago, the media went nuts over a documentary called “The Lost Tomb of Jesus”? Here there was claimed to be solid proof not only that Jesus died and stayed dead, but that he … Continue reading

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