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Prayer and the Art of Margarita Pizza

Thursday night Christina and I split a Margarita Pizza with David Gilmour. No, not the lead singer of Pink Floyd, the other David Gilmour; our new point man with our District, out of Omaha. Our old point man (Church Multiplication Director) was just elected District Superintendent, so this pizza was our little meet-and-greet with the new guy. (Speaking of which… go to South Avenue Pizza and order the Margarita. Go now.) Continue reading

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Chicago Homily

Last month (June 11, 2010, to be exact) my wife Christina and I traveled to Chicago to celebrate the wedding of our friends Lisa-Marie and Mircea. Christina was the Matron of Honor, and I was the Co-Officiant, with the task of delivering the homily, which is like a formal mini-sermon. Continue reading

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Exit Through the Gift Shop

One bit of advice I hear, if you want to improve your blog’s Google rankings, is to make as many pop-culture references as possible twilight starbucks avatar iphone. And that dropping names (like Lady Gaga, Barack Obama, LeBron James and Angelina Jolie) will steer more hits your way. The nice thing is, you don’t have to say anything good about them. Continue reading

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Creation VS. Evolution

“Hands-On” (a 2-minute clip from the message “Creation VS. Evolution” I shared yesterday.) Download the full message audio here. Enjoy!

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Moving Day Confessions

Bless me, Father… it’s been 5 months and 2 days since my last blog post. I’ve felt it, too. I miss the constant outlet I used to have. But lately I’ve just had these thoughts, and composed entire blog posts … Continue reading

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