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I Am a Hypocrite

The whole world looks like wood to me. Oh, I hear the snickers… the put-downs, the wisecracks. And you know what? I don’t care. They can laugh all they want. What good are their opinions anyway? Splinters in their eyes… … Continue reading

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Publicity Anonymity (or, Stuck in the Middle with You…)

UPDATE 2/23/07: A lot of people have been coming to this blog post from “SBC OUTPOST” since yesterday. But I think most of those people would actually be more interested in reading the post that Roger Moran quoted in his … Continue reading

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However and Ever, Amen.

One of the (many) nails I’m always hammering is the idea of “balance”. I believe the error most often lies in the extremes, and the healthy view is in the center. Of course there are plenty of exceptions, but it’s … Continue reading

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First United Church of Aloe & Watermelon

Back when we were first contemplating naming ourselves The Core, I briefly entertained the idea of spelling it “The COR”. Looking back, I’m glad I didn’t, because it looks stupid. But I was originally dissuaded for a different reason. I … Continue reading

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The Word "Christian" is a Noun

Not long ago I saw a collection of pictures of stupid church signs on the interweb. Many of them were so stupid that they were almost certainly photoshop creations. But here’s a few I know are genuine: “SIGN BROKEN. MESSAGE … Continue reading

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