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An Existential Christmas

For a Christmas post, I know I’m a day late and a dollar short. So let’s call it a retrospective and move on. My parents have always been committed to getting us some kind of “stuff” to open on Christmas … Continue reading

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Ctrl-Alt-Del is the new message series at The Core Worship Gathering. It will run from March 8 – 29. “Paradigm”. It’s one of those pretentious words you hear in coffeehouses. And since the Front Porch is like a coffeehouse, let’s … Continue reading

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Living in Synonyms

If you’re going to get involved in this post-modern ministry stuff, you might as well accept that you’re gonna have to learn a new language. Don’t bother complaining… unless you’re reaching out to the same people you grew up with, … Continue reading

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Letter to Christianity Today

I wanted to share with everyone a letter I wrote to Christianity Today. So here it is: William Lane Craig is 99% right in “God is Not Dead Yet”, but I believe his take on the impotence of post-modernism needs … Continue reading

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Walking on Eggshells

Last Sunday morning one of the things I talked about at The Core was some of the things we can learn from other religions. I know this thought sends shivers down the spines of many Christians, and to others it’s … Continue reading

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Now Taking Questions…

Last Wednesday our QAF Sessions focused on gathering questions from participants, to be used in future QAFs. Here is the list I took down. If you are plan to participate in the QAF Sessions in the near future, please add … Continue reading

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Reality Bites

Here’s the scoop. I’m too much of a post-modernist to believe that every question has, or needs, a pat answer. Or that only those with sufficient and acceptable education should have a voice. Or that the arts are nothing more … Continue reading

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A Post-Modern Righteousness

C.S. Lewis is always good for a painfully simple, yet completely overlooked insight. If there’s one thing that our culture likes to fight, it’s the idea of commandments, righteousness, or thou-shalt-nots. Fortunately, I think post-modernity is starting to grow out … Continue reading

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A Domestic Foreign Culture

This morning I gave a presentation to the Women’s Missionary Union of Second Baptist Church. I chose to speak about reaching out to a post-podern generation. I called the message “A Domestic Foreign Culture” because, even though post-modernism is now … Continue reading

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What the Hell?

1. “You’re doing a hell of a job.”2. “I had a hell of a day.”3. “It’s cold as hell in here.”4. “It’s hot as hell in here.”5. “I’ve just been through hell and back.”6. “See you in hell!” One of … Continue reading

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