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Reality Bites

Here’s the scoop. I’m too much of a post-modernist to believe that every question has, or needs, a pat answer. Or that only those with sufficient and acceptable education should have a voice. Or that the arts are nothing more … Continue reading

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This morning Charles, one of The Core’s leaders, shared about the compassionate miracles of Jesus. Here are some quotes from that, as my memory serves me. From a theatrical monologue: “I am a leper… and I had not been touched … Continue reading

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The Question of Suffering

Yesterday my boss had to take the day off because he pinched his sciatic nerve. Normally he provides the office music from his iTunes, which can include anything from Johnny Cash to the Beastie Boys. But yesterday was quiet most … Continue reading

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Happy Mandatory Romance Day!

Just in case you weren’t present at the Front Porch on Sunday, I’m going to share a few slides with you that I used to make fun of Valentine’s Day. If you were there, just scroll down, because this post … Continue reading

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A Penny Saved Is a Penny That’s Probably Voting Republican

How bout some thoughts on economics & politics… Economics This evening we saw a very clever news piece on CBS about the penny. Apparently (and I may have known this already) it costs more money for the U.S. Mint to … Continue reading

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West Bank Choppers (and Gougers)

Things are getting a little crazy… not a good environment for avid blogging. I’m very busy at my new job. Things are great… in fact, a little too great. I get a bonus for each hour I spend doing graphic … Continue reading

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