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The Emerging Church has taken a lot of hits for its relationship with the Postmodern mindset, largely in regards to the “softening of truth.” Although it’s obvious that some have abandoned the historic faith, I believe that there are plenty … Continue reading

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12/16/06 – First Anniversary of The Core Blog

Today is the first anniversary of The Core Blog! I want to sincerely thank everyone who has encouraged my foray into the blogosphere by reading, commenting, and e-mailing. There have been low points, where I became better acquainted with my … Continue reading

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Two and a Half Lesbians?

Six years into his vice-presidency, I can finally say that I’m proud of Dick Cheney. Sure, he’s had his bright spots. We all smirked when he retreated to his “undisclosed location.” We all laughed when he finally represented the true … Continue reading

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