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Yes, And

The more I get to know the guys from The Skinny Improv here in downtown Springfield, the more I keep hearing the phrase “Yes, And.” Tyler Snodgrass first mentioned it to me at Rob Hunt‘s birthday party, while explaining some … Continue reading

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Green, Green Grass

If I’m unemployed, I just want a job.
If I’ve got a job, I just want a better job. Continue reading

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The 2010 Cure for the Maturity Disease

I forget who said it, but here’s a good New Years’ Quote: “Youth is when you’re allowed to stay up really late on New Year’s Eve. Middle Age is when you’re forced to.” I’m 30 years old. Have been for … Continue reading

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There’s a Why in Team

The Core Fellowship has a thing called The Core Team. What you might call Church members elsewhere, you’d call Team Members at The Core. And there’s about seven people planning to join it this Sunday. And yet, I’m tempted to … Continue reading

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Christianity and the Maps of War

I was thinking about Christianity as an institution; as an establishment, versus Christianity as a Spiritual Commitment, and I ran across this short video. All that blue area… how did that happen? Was it a result of the Spirit-driven success … Continue reading

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Unfortunate Son of American Family

I feel like I’ve been disowned by American Family. (This blog post is going to seem very out of place, but some things just gotta be said.) I inherited my relationship with the insurance giant American Family from my own … Continue reading

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The Church Is a Whore, and She Is My Mother

Augustine said it. Every generation is prone to certain superlative assumptions about itself. We are always… the most enlightened, most advanced, most creative, most civilized… AND/OR the most wicked, most degenerate, dumbest, laziest, voted-most-likely-to-usher-in-the-end-of-the-world generation in history. So naturally it … Continue reading

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