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Imagine you’re a city planner. If you like the NBC Sit-com “Parks and Recreation“, imagine you’re the departed character Mark Brendanawicz. (Yes, I had to look up his name to spell it.) You’ve grown accustomed, over the years, to car-centric … Continue reading

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Community Christmas Dinner

This Saturday, December 4, represents The Core Fellowship’s first big multi-church project. We’re teaming up with Emmaus Church, Canvas Church (both downtown) and East Sunshine Church of Christ to put on a big Community Christmas Dinner at the Veridian Event … Continue reading

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The 2010 Cure for the Maturity Disease

I forget who said it, but here’s a good New Years’ Quote: “Youth is when you’re allowed to stay up really late on New Year’s Eve. Middle Age is when you’re forced to.” I’m 30 years old. Have been for … Continue reading

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The Future is Facebook

I’m really thinking about making my weekly newsletter a monthly newsletter. One of the main reasons for this: Facebook. The Core Fellowship has a group for the worship gathering, and the Front Porch has a group for events. On top … Continue reading

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The Office: Beauty is in the Eye of the Boss

NBC’s The Office“Business School”Episode 3017 | Season 3 | 02/15/2007 Abridged Synopsis: Roy stops by Pam’s desk to let her know how excited he is to see her art show. She reminds him that it’s just a small show being … Continue reading

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The Office: Games in Real Life

NBC’s The Office“The Coup”Episode 3002 | Season 3 | 10/05/2006 Synopsis: Michael had made it a point to have Movie Monday every week. He called the office into the conference room to watch a 30-minute installment of Varsity Blues, but … Continue reading

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The Soma Center (part 2)

Continued from Part 1 This network would be the heartbeat behind the Soma Centers. And the Centers would be a tangible manifestation of a unified network of believers. Here are some potential details for the network, apart from what I … Continue reading

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