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Waste It All

I meant to write you a Merry Christmas post, but I didn’t. I meant to tell you more about my life and thoughts these last few days. But I didn’t. These two things are actually related. So let me express … Continue reading

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A Picturesque Weekend

This was a rather full weekend for the Front Porch. Friday night was a packed out concert feature Mike Zalewski, Baked Alaska, Benefit of a Doubt, and Vacation Tee Shirt in that order. Saturday night was our Community Christmas Dinner, … Continue reading

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The "I" of the Beholder

Yesterday I was having a conversation with a friend who seems to worry, despite being a Christian, about whether he will be in heaven when he dies. I said, “You know it’s not about how much good you do, or … Continue reading

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One Girl Army

Recently the Front Porch team has been joined by a young lady named Stephanie. She is very active in her efforts to reach out with compassion to needy young people in center-city Springfield. And that was the topic of an … Continue reading

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A Flip-Flop on Universal Healthcare

Allow me to tread lightly. That is, in fact, the only way a person can walk when wearing flip-flops. Because I used to be against Universal Health Coverage and “Socialized Medicine”. But on Sunday I watched a documentary made by … Continue reading

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