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The Way, the Truth and the Life of the Party

This Sunday we begin our message series called “Eight Excuses to Party“. The title might sound a bit cheeky to you… as if I had finally taken the advice of one of my fellow leaders to market our Sunday morning … Continue reading

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Simple, Complex, Easy, Hard

Something simple and easy: Washing a car. Something simple and hard: Pushing a car. Something complex and easy: Driving a car. Something complex and hard: Building a car. So what is Christianity? Simple and easy? Simple and hard? Complex and … Continue reading

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Walking Abbi

Yesterday the weather was perfect, and my wife was sorely in need of a quiet house for a nap. So I took our perpetual puppy, a black lab mix named Abbi, out for a long walk. Usually when I want … Continue reading

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Use Only As Directed

There are four ways to use any given medication: The Deadly Way – This is simple… overdose. Or if you’re a real expert, combine it with other medications or chemicals, and create a killer cocktail. A scaled-back subset of the … Continue reading

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