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The Sorcerer’s Assistants

Once upon a time there was a powerful Sorcerer who had two young assistants, named John and Martin. They were foolish boys, not at all interested in serving their master, but only in competing with one another. You see, they … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Neighborhood

“You’re not going to preach on the sidewalk, are you?” I was huffing and sweating to move four cinder blocks from the back of our empty-shell-of-a-dream-come-true out to the curb when my new next-door neighbor to the north hit me … Continue reading

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Yellow House / Blue House

Following is a reproduction of a conversation between me, and a pastor friend of mine. My words are in dark blue, his are in dark red.Thousands and thousands of churches… For whom are all these churches built and run? If … Continue reading

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The Sound of the Underground

UPDATE: This post has gotten a lot of attention lately, primarily by people who want to say that I’m “bashing” the word “Christian”. Before you read it, please understand that I was not trying to bash anyone, or the beliefs … Continue reading

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