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Barack O’Billion

The latest estimates, as evidenced by stories like this one from Reuters, is that Barack Obama will raise $1 billion to run for his re-election in 2012. This amount is likely to dwarf any potential Republican rival, especially when considering … Continue reading

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Don’t Call the Pot Black

Special interest groups are throwing around millions of dollars of secret money to drag each others’ candidates through the mud. But California might LEGALIZE POT! Probably the most interesting issue of the upcoming election is marijuana. It’s just a shame … Continue reading

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A Flip-Flop on Universal Healthcare

Allow me to tread lightly. That is, in fact, the only way a person can walk when wearing flip-flops. Because I used to be against Universal Health Coverage and “Socialized Medicine”. But on Sunday I watched a documentary made by … Continue reading

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Rock the Vote… Today’s the Day!

OK, here we go. Six months in the planning, but Rock the Vote is today! The promotion was great, the food will be great, the bands will be great… we’ve had a few distressing cancellations, but nothing to freak out … Continue reading

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Fake China :: Fake Church

I have a friend who is about to travel to Beijing for the 2008 Olympics. One of her friends has a brother who is swimming for Tunisia, so she decided to come along for the ride. Last night she was … Continue reading

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Rock the Vote – Coming in November

This is just a sneak preview for you blog readers. The Front Porch is teaming up with Randy Bacon and Springfield Music to bring you the local music event of the year on Saturday November 1: Rock the Vote 2008! … Continue reading

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Starbucks: A Follow-up

This post is a continuation of Starbucks: Keeping a Tight Lid on Freedom of Speech. Following is the overly tactful and judicious e-mail I received from Starbucks Customer Relations: Ryan, Starbucks is committed to contributing to our communities and to … Continue reading

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