Message Notes & Audio

Listed below are the archives of The Core Fellowship’s message notes and audio, between the years of 2010 and 2011.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, notes and/or quality audio are not available from every gathering. Also, these services, by their nature, were very relational and experiential, so the recordings may be confusing at times, and the message notes even moreso. But we believe that there is still a lot to be gained from them. If you have any questions, please email Ryan Wiksell at





Title Subtitle

Series Date Speaker
mp3 notes Token Heroine The Sexes 10-16-11 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 notes Patriarchetype The Sexes 10-02-11 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 notes Created Male & Female The Sexes 09-25-11 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 notes Our Heavenly Parent The Sexes 09-18-11 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 notes Amen (9/11 Anniversary) Avinu 09-11-11 Ryan Wiksell
notes Deep in Debt Avinu 08-28-11 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 notes The Daily Bread Avinu 08-21-11 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 notes Halloween Be Thy Name Avinu 08-14-11 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 notes Our Father Avinu 08-07-11 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 notes Sinner Saint Sinner 07-24-11 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 notes Saint Saint Sinner 07-17-11 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 notes Personal Hero (Mentorship & the Beloved) Love Life 06-26-11 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 notes Brother From Another Mother (Friendship) Love Life 06-19-11 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 notes Flesh and Blood (Family) Love Life 06-12-11 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 Don’t Drink the Water? 06-05-11 Mik Mikulan
notes It’s Complicated (Relationships Gone Wrong) Love Life 05-29-11 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 notes Better Than Wine (Sex) Love Life 05-22-11 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 notes Wedding Planners (Dating & Engagement) Love Life 05-15-11 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 notes Made for Each Other (Relationships) Love Life 05-08-11 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 Plants and Animals are Alike but Different Reversal of Fortunes 05-01-11 Ryan Hunt
mp3 Of Figs and Pearls Reversal of Fortunes 05-01-11 Tyler Burbee
mp3 notes Easter Sunday: 7 Stories 04-24-11 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 The Unjudge Reversal of Fortunes 04-17-11 Rob Hunt
mp3 notes The Vintner’s Treasure (truncated) Reversal of Fortunes 04-10-11 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 notes Underworked and Overpaid Reversal of Fortunes 04-03-11 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 Search and Rescue Reversal of Fortunes 04-03-11 Jennifer Silvey
notes Hungry, Sick, Lonely, Naked and Incarcerated Reversal of Fortunes 03-27-11 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 notes Every Excuse in the Book Reversal of Fortunes 03-20-11 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 The Price of Oil Reversal of Fortunes 03-20-11 Tyesha Williams
mp3 notes Not Like Other Men Reversal of Fortunes 03-13-11 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 Alms for the Poor Reversal of Fortunes 03-13-11 Ruth Thompson
mp3 notes Reversal of Fortunes: The (Un)Faithful Manager Rav Yeshua 02-27-11 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 Reversal of Fortunes: The Shrewd Manager Rav Yeshua 02-27-11 Craig Mackie
mp3 Eternity in their Hearts Guest Missionary Speaker 02-20-11 Bob Boston
mp3 notes Good Guy / Bad Guy Rav Yeshua 02-13-11 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 notes Fish Stories Rav Yeshua 02-06-11 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 notes The True Talmidim Rav Yeshua 01-30-11 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 The Great Mystery Part 2: Lance Ford 01-23-11 Lance Ford
mp3 The Great Mystery Part 1: Rodger Peck 01-23-11 Rodger Peck
notes Rav Yeshua: The Genuine Jesus Rav Yeshua 01-09-11 Ryan Wiksell
notes What Child Is This? Mary & Joseph The Advent Narratives 12-12-10 Ryan Wiksell
notes Silent Night Zechariah & Elizabeth The Advent Narratives 12-05-10 Ryan Wiksell
notes Cobain Grunge The History of Pop 11-21-10 Ryan Wiksell
notes Crazy Punk The History of Pop 11-07-10 Ryan Wiksell
notes Falsetto The Disco Era The History of Pop 10-31-10 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 notes Peace, Love and Protest The Hippie Movement The History of Pop 10-24-10 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 notes Birth of the Cool The Beat Generation The History of Pop 10-17-10 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 notes Re:Group Who We Are and Why 10-10-10 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 Prayer (Jennifer Silvey); Macedonia (Brittini Goshorn) 10-03-10 Jennifer Silvey
notes Under the Star Sukkot The Old School 09-26-10 Ryan Wiksell
notes At One With God Yom Kippur The Old School 09-19-10 Ryan Wiksell
notes All Things New Rosh Hashanah The Old School 09-12-10 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 notes The Old School The Old School 09-05-10 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 notes Relevance VS. Holiness VS. 08-22-10 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 notes Eternal Security VS. Apostasy VS. 08-15-10 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 notes Pre-Destination VS. Free Will VS. 08-08-10 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 Rob, Jana & Ruth Share Their Stories 08-01-10
mp3 notes Traditional VS. Contemporary VS. 07-25-10 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 notes Creation VS. Evolution VS. 07-18-10 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 notes Conservative VS. Liberal VS. 07-11-10 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 notes Happy 06-27-10 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 notes Abba Father’s Day 06-20-10 Ryan Wiksell
notes Philippians 4 Paul’s Nirvana From Prison, With Love. 06-06-10 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 notes Philippians 3 Let the Dogs Have their Pedigrees From Prison, With Love. 05-30-10 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 notes Philippians 2 Undercover God From Prison, With Love. 05-23-10 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 notes Philippians 1 Introduction From Prison, With Love. 05-16-10 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 The Magical Musical Journey of Jondra Bocchieri 05-09-10 John & Sondra B.
mp3 notes …according to Banksy
(Graffiti Artist)
The Outsider’s Gospel 05-02-10 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 notes …according to Thom Yorke (Radiohead) The Outsider’s Gospel 04-25-10 Ryan Wiksell
notes …according to Jane Goodall The Outsider’s Gospel 04-18-10 Ryan Wiksell
notes …according to Billie Holiday The Outsider’s Gospel 04-11-10 Ryan Wiksell

An Easter Seder

04-04-10 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 notes …according to Albert Einstein The Outsider’s Gospel 03-14-10 Ryan Wiksell
notes …according to Mahatma Gandhi The Outsider’s Gospel 03-07-10 Ryan Wiksell
notes …according to Balaam’s Donkey The Outsider’s Gospel 02-28-10 Ryan Wiksell
notes The Feast of Esther 02-21-10 Ryan Wiksell
notes The Emperor The Four Jesuses 02-07-10 Ryan Wiksell
notes The Doctor The Four Jesuses 01-31-10 Ryan Wiksell

The Trainer

The Four Jesuses 01-24-10 Ryan Wiksell
notes The Rescuer The Four Jesuses 01-10-10 Ryan Wiksell
notes OK, God, It’s 2010 and I Need a Clue 01-03-10 Ryan Wiksell
notes Advent Conspiracy – Week 4 [The Christ] Advent Conspiracy 12-20-09 Ryan Wiksell
notes Advent Conspiracy – Week 2 [The Confirmation] Advent Conspiracy 12-06-09 Ryan Wiksell

Advent Conspiracy – Week 1 [The Call]

Advent Conspiracy 11-27-09 Ryan Wiksell
notes Advertise Thanksgiving 11-22-09 Ryan Wiksell
notes INRI [Mark 15 & 16] A Body In Motion 11-01-09 Ryan Wiksell
notes The End Is Near [Mark 13 & 14] A Body In Motion 10-25-09 Ryan Wiksell
notes Turn in the OT to the Gospel of Mark
[Mark 11 & 12]
A Body In Motion 10-11-09 Ryan Wiksell
notes It’s Who You Know [Mark 9 & 10] A Body In Motion 10-04-09 Ryan Wiksell
notes Jesus Gets His Hands Dirty [Mark 7 & 8] A Body In Motion 09-27-09 Ryan Wiksell
notes Extra-Bold Jesus [Mark 5 & 6] A Body In Motion 09-20-09 Ryan Wiksell
notes A Rock-Star Rabbi [Mark 3 & 4] A Body In Motion 09-06-09 Ryan Wiksell
notes A Clean Start [Mark 1 & 2] A Body In Motion 08-30-09 Ryan Wiksell
notes A Body In Motion [8 weeks thru the gospel of Mark] A Body In Motion 08-23-09 Ryan Wiksell
notes The Church Is Your Mom 08-09-09 Ryan Wiksell
notes The Ignominious Left Hand [good deeds done in secret] 08-02-09 Ryan Wiksell
notes The Revelator [john] Profiles in Redemption 07-19-09 Ryan Wiksell
notes The Persecutor [paul] Profiles in Redemption 06-21-09 Ryan Wiksell
notes The Fisher of Men [peter] Profiles in Redemption 06-14-09 Ryan Wiksell
notes The Christ-Bearer [mary] Profiles in Redemption 06-07-09 Ryan Wiksell
notes The Ruler-Songwriter [david] Profiles in Redemption 05-31-09 Ryan Wiksell
notes The Outsider [ruth] Profiles in Redemption 05-24-09 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 notes The Emancipator [moses] Profiles in Redemption 05-10-09 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 notes The Trickster [jacob] Profiles in Redemption 05-03-09 Ryan Wiksell
notes The Sojourner [abraham] Profiles in Redemption 04-26-09 Ryan Wiksell
mp3 notes The Perpetrator [adam] Profiles in Redemption 04-19-09 Ryan Wiksell
notes A Chiastic Passover Resurrection Sunday 04-12-09 Ryan Wiksell
notes Text Me You Love Me Community & Communication Ctrl-Alt-Del 03-29-09 Ryan Wiksell
notes Pretty/Confusing Beauty & Mystery Ctrl-Alt-Del 03-22-09 Ryan Wiksell
notes Vintage Faith The Future by way of the Past Ctrl-Alt-Del 03-15-09 Ryan Wiksell
notes Boomers Are Clueless Post-Modern Epistemology Ctrl-Alt-Del 03-08-09 Ryan Wiksell
notes Sexual Freedom Jesus Takes On Sex Counter Revolution 02-22-09 Ryan Wiksell
notes Unsafe Havens Jesus Takes On Domestic Abuse Counter Revolution 02-15-09 Ryan Wiksell
notes Pork Barrels Over the Cliff Jesus Takes on Politics Counter Revolution 02-01-09 Ryan Wiksell
notes God in the Flesh The Power of Incarnation Advent Conspiracy 12-21-08 Ryan Wiksell
notes Wealth Through Poverty The Art of Christlike Love Advent Conspiracy 12-14-08 Ryan Wiksell
notes Water to the Thirsty The Art of Giving More Advent Conspiracy 12-07-08 Ryan Wiksell
notes Eight Crazy Nights Hanukkah 8 Excuses to Party 11-23-08 Ryan Wiksell
notes Stone Tablets to Flaming Hair Shavuot 8 Excuses to Party 11-16-08 Ryan Wiksell
notes 3000 Calories, Zero Carbs Passover 8 Excuses to Party 11-09-08 Ryan Wiksell
notes Like Halloween w/o the Evil Purim 8 Excuses to Party 11-02-08 Ryan Wiksell
notes R&R Shabbat 8 Excuses to Party 10-19-08 Ryan Wiksell
notes Grownups Building Little Forts Sukkot 8 Excuses to Party 10-12-08 Ryan Wiksell
notes The Anti-Party Yom Kippur 8 Excuses to Party 10-05-08 Ryan Wiksell
notes The Ultimate Trumpet Solo Rosh Hoshana 8 Excuses to Party 09-28-08 Ryan Wiksell
notes Feeding the Fever Global Warming Counter Revolution 09-13-08 Ryan Wiksell
notes Human Traffic Jam Human Trafficking Counter Revolution 09-06-08 Ryan Wiksell
notes Those Poor People Poverty Counter Revolution 08-31-08 Ryan Wiksell
notes Fighting the War on Violence Violence Counter Revolution 08-24-08 Ryan Wiksell
notes Sin City Sin Be+Live 07-27-08 Ryan Wiksell
notes All You Need Is… Love Be+Live 07-20-08 Ryan Wiksell
notes Who’s Skipping Ch_ch? Church Be+Live 07-13-08 Ryan Wiksell
notes Eretz Israel Be+Live 06-15-08 Ryan Wiksell
notes Life, Slavery & the Pursuit of Wholeness Life Be+Live 05-18-08 Ryan Wiksell
notes Be+Live Series Introduction Be+Live 05-11-08 Ryan Wiksell
notes The Voices In My Head Post Jesus Saga 05-04-08 Ryan Wiksell
notes The First 100 Years The Early Church The Jesus Saga 04-27-08 Ryan Wiksell
notes Missio Dei, Part III The Green Light The Jesus Saga 04-06-08 Ryan Wiksell
notes The Water-Walker Jesus’ Inspirational Miracles The Jesus Saga 02-17-08 Ryan Wiksell
notes All You Need Is Love Two Greatest Commandments The Jesus Saga 02-10-08 Ryan Wiksell
notes Blessed Are the Losers Sermon on the Mount The Jesus Saga 02-03-08 Ryan Wiksell
notes Soaked Jesus’ Baptism The Jesus Saga 01-13-08 Ryan Wiksell
notes I Can Die Now The Story of Simeon & Anna The Jesus Saga 01-06-08 Ryan Wiksell
notes The Mulligan Christ Jesus Gives Us a Do-Over The Jesus Saga 12-30-07 Ryan Wiksell
notes One of Us Jesus’ Birth, and Why it Matters The Jesus Saga 12-23-08 Ryan Wiksell
notes Happy Hannukah, Jesus The Inter-Testamental Period The Jesus Saga 12-02-08 Ryan Wiksell

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