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Roe v. Wade, Love v. Power

I am about as pro-life as they come. I believe that each abortion is the termination of innocent life, otherwise known as murder. I don’t believe that this is any business of the federal government or federal courts, therefore Roe … Continue reading

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TV, Duct Tape, Churchaholism and a Puppy

During my final year of bachelorhood, I had a string of unstable roommates. Granted, most of them were stable in and of themselves, it’s just that they couldn’t stick around for long. But you know, it wasn’t me, it was … Continue reading

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Working On Your Serve

So you want to be a servant… What’s the opposite of classify? Declassify, of course.What’s the opposite of regulate? Deregulate.Humidify? Dehumidify.Sensitize? Desensitize. What about Serve? What’s the opposite of that? In the late 1780s, America’s founding fathers were trying desperately … Continue reading

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Note: I know most of you have heard this one before. But it’s pretty brief, so I encourage you to read it through. And if you take the links you’ll discover the underlying purpose of writing such a blog. HIS … Continue reading

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