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I Think Mustaches Are Coming Back…

…within three years or so. Five years tops.

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Like Thy Neighbor

Does the Church love you? If not, shame on them. If so, big deal… they have to, right? God said “Love thy neighbor” in Deuteronomy, and Jesus reiterated it as the second most important commandment. So if the church loves … Continue reading

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The Truth In Love

It is becoming clear that God is calling my wife and me to be the lead pastors of The Core Fellowship. Matt & Melissa Stephens, the couple whom we had all felt was going to fill that position, have felt … Continue reading

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Smoke and Mirrors (or, How to Fulfill The Great Omission)

*Note – Please do not read this post unless a) you plan to read the whole thing, and b) you promise to read the next post, entitled “The Truth In Love.” Thank you. My wife and I have decided to … Continue reading

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