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Groovin’ at the FroPo

Back on October 20, Skyler Smith and friends rocked our faces… and for the first time at the Front Porch, a group of people got up and danced! Here’s a link to some really crummy cell phone video of it. … Continue reading

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Doctrine of Original Spanking

I was listening to a Mark Driscoll sermon a moment ago, where he was talking about how people seem to know everything about parenting until they actually have a kid. He was making fun of how they talk: “You gotta … Continue reading

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Turn Your Head and Quaff

This really should be a comment on The Discovery Sessions, but a title like “Turn Your Head and Quaff” really deserves its own post. As I was struggling to come up with a better name for this new discovery thing … Continue reading

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Area Church Makes Its Home in the Clouds

DALLAS | It seems a new light has dawned on the religious landscape of America. This Sunday, First Bapticostal Church of Dallas celebrates the completion of its new campus, and the mood is, shall we say, elevated. “You wouldn’t believe … Continue reading

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The Discovery Sessions

Within a few weeks/months The Core plans to start a small group to study and discuss what it means to follow Christ, at the most basic level. Chances are it will meet Wednesdays at the Front Porch, from 7:30 – … Continue reading

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I Got Soul, But I’m Not a Soldier

This Sunday we’re having our last Sunday-evening Merge gathering (starting October 28 it will be weekly, and take place on Sunday morning.) And for the occasion, I wanted to present a message/discussion called “I Got Soul, but I’m Not a … Continue reading

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Authority, Homosexuality, and a Piss-Poor Epistemology

Over the next few weeks (and months) I’m going to be thinking (and talking) a lot about Scripture, personal conviction, and the teaching work of the Holy Spirit. What I have to say today may seem dis-jointed, but only because … Continue reading

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