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The End

This is the final post of The Core Blog, and I’ve written and re-written it a dozen times in my head. Sometimes it was going to be epic and unforgettable, sometimes it was going to be brief and succinct. It’s … Continue reading

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A Bad Day for Jesus

Following is an imagined conversation between God the Father, and Jesus the Son on May 21, 2011: Father: It’s time, my Son. Jesus: Time for what now? Father: It’s May 21, 2011. Time for the Rapture. You know… Judgment Day. … Continue reading

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The Genuine Jesus

I spent some quality time with my buddy Photoshop a few weeks ago, and this is what came out. It’s a title graphic for the series we recently started on Sunday mornings at the Front Porch called (as you can … Continue reading

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ALL NEW Wednesdays!

So the FroPo has been closed for a few weeks (although, during that time we’ve had three Sunday Gatherings, two going-away parties, a birthday party and a generalized get-together. Maybe “closed” is the wrong word.) At any rate, most of … Continue reading

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Reality Calling

“Why don’t you stay here with me?” “Why? Because you’re not Real.” So goes a dream-state dialogue toward the end of the movie Inception, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Although I’m not an avid movie watcher, I have noticed a recurring question … Continue reading

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Seven Ways to Change the World

Are you one of those diehard Do-It-Yourselfers? If you’re like me, you’ve gotten a bit fed up with all the socalled experts running around trying to fix the planet, and have decided it’s time to step up and, well, do … Continue reading

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The Old School – Minute Clip

“Rockabilly” (a minute-clip from the message “The Old School” I shared on September 5.) Download the full message audio, or read the message notes. Enjoy!

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