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The History of Pop

Your water is Pop, if you’re an American fish. It’s the very thing that gives you breath and existence. It is, more or less, the air you breathe.This is really the case for any worldview. Everybody’s got one, and some … Continue reading

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A Picturesque Weekend

This was a rather full weekend for the Front Porch. Friday night was a packed out concert feature Mike Zalewski, Baked Alaska, Benefit of a Doubt, and Vacation Tee Shirt in that order. Saturday night was our Community Christmas Dinner, … Continue reading

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Rock the Vote… Today’s the Day!

OK, here we go. Six months in the planning, but Rock the Vote is today! The promotion was great, the food will be great, the bands will be great… we’ve had a few distressing cancellations, but nothing to freak out … Continue reading

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Two Write-ups for Rock the Vote

Just wanted to point out to everybody the two write-ups we got for Rock the Vote that came out yesterday. GO Magazine did a pretty flattering job pushing RTV in its “Election Survival Guide“, despite the fact that I’m not … Continue reading

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Rock the Vote – Coming in November

This is just a sneak preview for you blog readers. The Front Porch is teaming up with Randy Bacon and Springfield Music to bring you the local music event of the year on Saturday November 1: Rock the Vote 2008! … Continue reading

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At the risk of gloating, I would like to make all of you aware that I am going to the Radiohead concert in St. Louis on May 14. Tickets went on sale on a Saturday morning in the middle of … Continue reading

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Fortress Maximus and the Marching Band

Last night’s QAF Session was my favorite so far. There was me, Steve, Tim, Latisha, Lindsey, Jarred, TJ, Tabitha, Jason, Snow, and Mik. And everybody contributed in some fashion. Towards the end, I wanted to talk about my passion for … Continue reading

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