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Containers of No Glory

Just a brief thought on the “God in a box” cliche… “You mistakenly think we conceal what we worship since we have no temples or altars. Yet how can anyone make an image of God? Man himself is the image … Continue reading

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Choose Your Own Adventure

“Hey girly-girl, what’s wrong with you?” “Nothing.” “Hm…..” “You’re just gonna sit there until I spill my guts, aren’t you?” “Well, Jana! Why would I…” “Because you love me.” “Guilty.” “Oh, Mom… I don’t feel like I have any friends … Continue reading

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Original Post – The Core vs. The Edge

Ding! Round one. In this corner… The Edge, a.k.a. “Cutting Edge” weighing in at a whopping 450 pounds of cultural relevancy, hipness, and savoir faire, just coming off a mighty defeat of Madman Modernism with his teeth set for victory … Continue reading

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