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Rounds 2 & 3: Law vs. Love and Head vs. Heart

I’m going to take a break from the current series to continue the celebrity death match I began with my original post. This post was inspired by two things: a thread from The Reach, (primarily comment #75, by Jody Bilyeu) … Continue reading

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Part 2: First Century Church (The Super-Model)

OK, I lied. I said in a recent comment that my next post would be about the Ancient-Future Church. Let’s make that the next one after this one. Here’s the reason: Post-Modern Church, as I stated, is a mindset. It … Continue reading

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Part 1: Post-Modern Church (Everything & Nothing)

Let me begin by saying that I hate terms like “Post-Modernism” and “Generation Y” I’d feel the same way if I encountered a poem called “Untitled, Part 2” by Anonymous, Jr. We didn’t know what the last thing was enough … Continue reading

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"You know, we’re like, our OWN genre, man…"

When I was in college, I went to a freshman-sophomore banquet featuring the entertainment of a local rock band. (Why anybody would want to dress formal and sit around a white tablecloth with gourmet food and listen to a rock … Continue reading

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