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GO Magazine – "God’s Place on South Avenue"

Well, here it is… The Core’s first journalistic expose’ (not counting Joy Robertson’s piece, since that was pretty much just about Open Mic Church.) All in all I’d say it was a fair and well-written article. But since there are … Continue reading

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Oh, the Humanity!

Last night, my wife and I re-watched the movie “You’ve Got Mail”. Between us, I’m sure we’ve seen this movie a dozen times, but it doesn’t really matter. It’s one of those “comfort films” that often star Tom Hanks (“Big” … Continue reading

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No More Sissy Jesus

It looks like Christianity is playing a new game of “He Said, She Said.” She said, “Jesus is our bridegroom, and we’re his bride. And that’s great, because he’s kind and gentle and forgiving, and he wants us to worship … Continue reading

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M-R Ducks (the Missional-Relational Movement)

“Thank you for calling Pizza Shack, home of the Shack-a-Lackin’ Fat-Lover’s Extra-Greasy Giant Pizza Pie for only $19.99 delivered, this is Gigi, can I get your phone number please?” Every time I hear one of these exhausting phone greetings I … Continue reading

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