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Man-Shaped God

A few months ago I found myself consumed with the determination of Spiritual Gifts. My guess is that every minister has been in that place at one time or another… looking for the perfect questionnaire; the perfect gift-list to prove … Continue reading

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God Hates Fred Phelps (?)

“God Hates America”“Too Late To Pray”“God Is Your Enemy”“America Is Doomed”“Thank God for [Dead Soldiers, 9/11, IEDs] Free speech run amok. It’s hard to get angry at the news anymore. So much murder, death, corruption, spin, extortion, starvation, hopelessness… you … Continue reading

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Part 4 Continued: TIME article

As a continuation of the current thread on House Church, I want to direct everybody to an article from the February 27 issue of TIME magazine called “There’s No Pulpit Like Home.” It explores the House Church Movement in this … Continue reading

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Part 4: House Church

Have I got the trend for you! You know what everybody’s used to doing? So easy, comfy, predicable? No muss, no fuss? Well you can forget about that, because the latest fad is tough as nails! It’s messy and frustrating! … Continue reading

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