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Imagine you’re a city planner. If you like the NBC Sit-com “Parks and Recreation“, imagine you’re the departed character Mark Brendanawicz. (Yes, I had to look up his name to spell it.) You’ve grown accustomed, over the years, to car-centric … Continue reading

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the city is a drunkard

the city is a drunkarddrinking to the dregsa sluggard and a braggartwith a story spat on passers-byan angler clutching a fictitious fishand a smooth finish, far less filling drinking to the dregs of any drink it findsit finds a bud … Continue reading

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San Francisco

OK… I know this trip was almost 2 months ago. But I really wanted to share some photos and thoughts with you about our day in San Francisco. I’m going to let the pictures do most of the talking for … Continue reading

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Oh, the Humanity!

Last night, my wife and I re-watched the movie “You’ve Got Mail”. Between us, I’m sure we’ve seen this movie a dozen times, but it doesn’t really matter. It’s one of those “comfort films” that often star Tom Hanks (“Big” … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Neighborhood

“You’re not going to preach on the sidewalk, are you?” I was huffing and sweating to move four cinder blocks from the back of our empty-shell-of-a-dream-come-true out to the curb when my new next-door neighbor to the north hit me … Continue reading

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