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Green, Green Grass

If I’m unemployed, I just want a job.
If I’ve got a job, I just want a better job. Continue reading

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the city is a drunkard

the city is a drunkarddrinking to the dregsa sluggard and a braggartwith a story spat on passers-byan angler clutching a fictitious fishand a smooth finish, far less filling drinking to the dregs of any drink it findsit finds a bud … Continue reading

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Zadok and Zebulun

Note: This is a short story I wrote, which was published at in November 2007. I did so because that website’s readership is largely unknown to me. For a long time I was hesitant to share this with those … Continue reading

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Waste It All

I meant to write you a Merry Christmas post, but I didn’t. I meant to tell you more about my life and thoughts these last few days. But I didn’t. These two things are actually related. So let me express … Continue reading

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Simple, Complex, Easy, Hard

Something simple and easy: Washing a car. Something simple and hard: Pushing a car. Something complex and easy: Driving a car. Something complex and hard: Building a car. So what is Christianity? Simple and easy? Simple and hard? Complex and … Continue reading

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into a forgettable spacewe enter our feet, our kneessome other partsfeeling rather beige, off-whitelike the walls into a utilitarian spacewe bring our raw materialslugged about throughout the weekthe monthdon’t askit’s unspoken there is a layer of shimmering humanitythat hovers close … Continue reading

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The Zero and the One

I wrote this little allegory in 2001. Enjoy! Once, there was a Zero. And this particular Zero had a lot of things going for him; a perfectly smooth, round shape, nice clean center, and a long life ahead of him. … Continue reading

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