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Comforting the Oppressor

And the winner is… oh s***, not again. Wouldn’t you love to hear this from an announcer at an awards ceremony? When Titanic just kept taking on Oscars, or Beyonce’s name was called again and again at the grammys? If … Continue reading

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A Flip-Flop on Universal Healthcare

Allow me to tread lightly. That is, in fact, the only way a person can walk when wearing flip-flops. Because I used to be against Universal Health Coverage and “Socialized Medicine”. But on Sunday I watched a documentary made by … Continue reading

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Turkey vs. Reindeer

A few days ago my friend Ben Johnson (profile name: Ben Jay) started a group on Facebook called “Advertise Thanksgiving”. I would link you to it, but I don’t know how to link to a Facebook group. Here are a … Continue reading

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Of Liver Transplants and Vacuum Cleaners

I don’t spend much time on politics here, but I am compelled now to join the chorus of voices crying out against the health insurance industry here in the U.S. We are drawing very close to crisis mode, and the … Continue reading

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Fruits of the Flesh – Compromise

This is the fourth installment in the series “Fruits of the Flesh“. Here is the original post. The third Fruit of the Spirit is Peace. The third Fruit of the Flesh is Compromise. I was taking a stroll around downtown … Continue reading

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Girls Gone Wild Go Home!

Yesterday when I showed up at the Front Porch there was a reporter lady and a camera man standing out in front, interviewing Matt, one of our volunteers. I naturally assumed it was about the FroPo. But no, it was … Continue reading

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“…the children are so hungry for attention that a clutch of 5-year-olds begins to chant in Spanish: “A visit! A visit!” In a nearby bungalow for girls 4 to 6 years old the kids jump into the arms of their … Continue reading

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