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And Don’t Forget To Tip Your Waitresses…

You know I am really passionate about a topic when I never run out of metaphors or illustrations to get my point across. And here’s the second one in a row in the food service category. Last night Christina and … Continue reading

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Rock the Vote – Coming in November

This is just a sneak preview for you blog readers. The Front Porch is teaming up with Randy Bacon and Springfield Music to bring you the local music event of the year on Saturday November 1: Rock the Vote 2008! … Continue reading

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La Comunidad Autentica

Several weeks ago, my boss hired a new employee named Diana to help out with the increasing workload. She is from Mexico, and has been a legal resident of the United States most of her life. Fortunately, she’s happy to … Continue reading

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The Church Is a Whore, and She Is My Mother

Augustine said it. Every generation is prone to certain superlative assumptions about itself. We are always… the most enlightened, most advanced, most creative, most civilized… AND/OR the most wicked, most degenerate, dumbest, laziest, voted-most-likely-to-usher-in-the-end-of-the-world generation in history. So naturally it … Continue reading

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