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The "I" of the Beholder

Yesterday I was having a conversation with a friend who seems to worry, despite being a Christian, about whether he will be in heaven when he dies. I said, “You know it’s not about how much good you do, or … Continue reading

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To Be Part of the Ocean

I’m sitting at the soundboard at the Front Porch, a concert is underway, and I just finished the last pages of Mitch Albom’s 1997 book, Tuesdays with Morrie. It’s gotten a lot of acclaim, this book has. Everybody who reads … Continue reading

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into a forgettable spacewe enter our feet, our kneessome other partsfeeling rather beige, off-whitelike the walls into a utilitarian spacewe bring our raw materialslugged about throughout the weekthe monthdon’t askit’s unspoken there is a layer of shimmering humanitythat hovers close … Continue reading

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West Bank Choppers (and Gougers)

Things are getting a little crazy… not a good environment for avid blogging. I’m very busy at my new job. Things are great… in fact, a little too great. I get a bonus for each hour I spend doing graphic … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Merge

I’m gonna tack on another post about Merge to share with everybody some of my thoughts about it so far, and thoughts from a few others who have come multiple times. Two days ago was our fourth Sunday to do … Continue reading

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Snippets from QAF

Last night’s QAF Session was truly amazing. We had between 7 and 12 people there, as there was always some coming-and-going. The quotes that follow are not guaranteed for accuracy. That, and privacy, are two reasons I don’t credit the … Continue reading

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The Discovery Sessions

Within a few weeks/months The Core plans to start a small group to study and discuss what it means to follow Christ, at the most basic level. Chances are it will meet Wednesdays at the Front Porch, from 7:30 – … Continue reading

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I Got Soul, But I’m Not a Soldier

This Sunday we’re having our last Sunday-evening Merge gathering (starting October 28 it will be weekly, and take place on Sunday morning.) And for the occasion, I wanted to present a message/discussion called “I Got Soul, but I’m Not a … Continue reading

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A Post-Modern Righteousness

C.S. Lewis is always good for a painfully simple, yet completely overlooked insight. If there’s one thing that our culture likes to fight, it’s the idea of commandments, righteousness, or thou-shalt-nots. Fortunately, I think post-modernity is starting to grow out … Continue reading

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You say you’re omniscient. You say there’s nothing that escapes your notice… nothing you cannot understand. At one point maybe you decided there were a few things outside your experience, so you came down and did that, too. Now we’re … Continue reading

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