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The Danger of Light and Joy

Allow me to share an insight with you from JRR Tolkien’s The Fellowship of the Ring; something that, unfortunately, did not make the cut for the film. Tell me, Legolas, why did I come on this Quest? Little did I … Continue reading

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And the Planets Align to Please Me…

If you genuinely like all your beliefs… if there’s not a single one that you wish were untrue… then it’s a virtual guarantee that many of them are untrue. What are the odds that the whole of reality would arrange … Continue reading

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The Weight of God

Last Sunday I spoke about Adam. It made a natural first installment to my new message series called “Profiles in Redemption”. The idea is to take a journey through the lives of 10 of the most important characters in the … Continue reading

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The "I" of the Beholder

Yesterday I was having a conversation with a friend who seems to worry, despite being a Christian, about whether he will be in heaven when he dies. I said, “You know it’s not about how much good you do, or … Continue reading

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To Be Part of the Ocean

I’m sitting at the soundboard at the Front Porch, a concert is underway, and I just finished the last pages of Mitch Albom’s 1997 book, Tuesdays with Morrie. It’s gotten a lot of acclaim, this book has. Everybody who reads … Continue reading

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into a forgettable spacewe enter our feet, our kneessome other partsfeeling rather beige, off-whitelike the walls into a utilitarian spacewe bring our raw materialslugged about throughout the weekthe monthdon’t askit’s unspoken there is a layer of shimmering humanitythat hovers close … Continue reading

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West Bank Choppers (and Gougers)

Things are getting a little crazy… not a good environment for avid blogging. I’m very busy at my new job. Things are great… in fact, a little too great. I get a bonus for each hour I spend doing graphic … Continue reading

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